Know your purpose

Do you know that everything in this world has a purpose?
DO you know your mission on this earth?
DO you know why God has created you?

Realize, the ants eat the dead animals, human or any kind of living thing that dies. Except for dead trees and dead rocks. It is also essential in the food cycle of insects and like what I have mentioned human. It is a very tiny creation, but with a very IMPORTANT mission.

Rocks, they were created to help in building buildings, establishments, homes and roads. Rocks make our life easier by turning them into helpful stuff in our homes. Some of them become accessories, house decor and sometimes even healing element. Note, ROCKS are non moving things.

Dogs, were perhaps created to help human to protect themselves from any harm. They were also created to be human’s bestfriend, entertainment and even a creator of fun and give meaning to someone’s life. Sometimes a savior. They only bark, but they do a lot of things just to protect us.

Birds, the tweeting birds. In reality, they actually provide comfort and relaxing atmosphere, they are also in charge of spreading seeds on the soil. Some farmers see them as harmful to their farms but the truth is they are the ones making the seeds available to the soil. Making the farm more productive. They sing a very beautiful music, some can echo whatever we say, some can make very unique sounds and some can just produce one of a kind sound. Again, this creature can’t say a word unless trained, unable to walk but can fly, unable to hug but then again does its purpose and challenges human to do the same.

Listen, stop and reflect.
We are human. W can talk, walk, run, jump, sing, pray etc. We are the highest form of living things in this world.

We are all created by GOD to be His servant. To be a disciple of His words. Let us listen to God’s words and realize our mission in this world.

Stop, we might be working much that we tend to ignore His whispers to us. Inviting us to follow Him.

Reflect, in our silence we CAN HEAR GOD talking to us. LISTEN, STOP REFLECT.

Everyone was created to serve and to be God’s servant.
Some of us are being given power to realize our own mission.
But of course in any reality show some are still influenced by evil and many can’t still figure out their mission in this world.

Know why you’re journeying this life. Know why we are here. Know why we have to be alive. Know and do something about it.

You were born to become someone. That someone will make a change in this world. The world is big. But our small goodness will spread God. By spreading God we spread his love to others and others will follow HIM. 🙂

AWESOME GOD we have!

Thank you!

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