Life @ Mano Amiga Academy

Teachers do get frustrated with our students. We teach them the way we want them to learn. We use tricks that were used to us before when we were studying. But did it ever occur to you that it is not applicable to them? That they are different and that they learn in different pace?

Yes that’s the reality that we have to face. Learners have to learn but we also have to cater their needs. If we are really teaching for bread and butter it would be very difficult to give results for children who are learning slowly.

Because of our frustration we blame them for the challenges they have. Yes they do have a responsibility to also do their part. But since we are the ones responsible to them we should be able to make them understand why it’s difficult for them to understand the subject matter.

Sometimes we lose patience. Sometimes we become so disappointed and just blame the kids for the mistakes we also commit.

We sometimes wonder why our students are shouting? There are many factors, it could be of their environment, it could be their classmate, or it could be US. That’s the most frightening reality that would really hit on us. That we are the reason why our students fail. Of course, it’s not always true. It can’t be just teachers contributing to the growth of the students, parents should also be of help. Everything starts at home. Values should really be integrated and it shouldn’t only be said or recited. They should be practised and seen to all of us adults surrounding them.

Sometimes, we also have to look unto ourselves to correct the problem inside the classroom. Sometimes we are too strict, too lousy, too friendly, too accommodating.

Right now, I feel like crying. My student is working on her own after teaching her the concept of multiplication. I know it’s not going to be easy. It takes time, but patience will seriously lead them to success. The patience should start within me.

The reality that the world where my student is, hurts me. Pains me that it’s not easy to be like her. Living in a shanty where her other siblings stay in. Parents do not really care about their kids’ future but their own pleasure. It’s striking to know how hard it is to be in a squatter’s area.

I am loving my students more and more each day that I feel there’s a need for more help to them. But how? I’m only one. I have God with me, the most omnipotent. He will take good care of these children.

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