It takes a lot of passion, understanding, prayers, patience, love to end the school year. I’ve prayed for guidance each and everyday of the previous school year. It was very meaningful for me.

In my five years of teaching, it was my first time to cry on the last day of my students at school. Yes, it happened yesterday. The whole class was watching the video clips of the Performing Arts and our Ballerinas. Suddenly, day one with the students at school flashed back. They have changed. They have become better persons. They are no longer wearing the same blanket of unlike behavior instead I’ve found them wearing the love wrapped around them by every parent, visitor, teacher and sponsor. It was overwhelming to witness them progress in their own little way. Seeing their petals open a bit that makes them ready to face the changing weather, which is the world. I only wish that they will continue to learn to dream for a better life and I pray that they may have the courage to stay strong and pursue their dreams inspite the challenges that they will surely face. Thank God for the tons of patience, understanding, wisdom and Love!Now, I understand why my mother cried even on simple preschool graduation or ballet recital. I realized how much my mother loves me.

I really feel blessed working at Mano Amiga Academy. There’s a strong wheel of positivity, the desire to help and the passion to teach.

Tears of Joy, tears of success, progress and love.

Kindly watch – The fruit of School Year 2011 – 2012 < — please press the link to watch

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