Jekyll and Hyde Musical Play by Repertory Philippines

It was a night to remember!

I never thought that the play would bring tears to my eyes. Come on, who would have thought that a rock ICON Jett Pangan would bring all the ladies to tears?

Kalila Aguilos was amazing in showing the audience how it’s like to be a pub star, how sad it is to be like her. How lonely her heart was and it was only Dr Jekkyl that made her feel special while Mr Hyde did otherwise.

It was crazy and at the same time touching to see how Jekkyl struggled from being Hyde.

It was also heartbreaking to see how Ms Emma Crew (Cris Villongco) showed her love for Jekyll.

You must see this musical play, you still have tomorrow!

Lastly, Junix Inocian was remarkable!

Funny, sarcastic lines, dramatic scenes. All parts of the play were essential. No boring moments!!!!!


It was worth the price!!!!!

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One Response to Jekyll and Hyde Musical Play by Repertory Philippines

  1. katrina says:

    hi fellow theater-lover! Atlantis Productions is staging NINE, starring Jett Pangan, Cherie Gil, Eula Valdez, Menchu Yulo, Sitti, Ima Castro, Carla Laforteza, Yanah Laurel and Jay Glorioso. Please contact us at 0922-893-2332 for tickets to the Oct 6 show. Thanks!

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