Sanchez’s Corona

Who was not watching the Corona’s Impeachment case yesterday?
Who was not awaiting for Jessica Sanchez’s performances at the American Idol?

Who didn’t witness his supposed opening remarks which according to him was just a short one?
Who didn’t hear her wonderful performances?

Anyway, what’s the impact of his statement to Filipino people?
what’s the impact of her performances to Filipino people?

I wonder.

Politicians, are you aware that there are people who do not have food to eat? Nor a decent shelter?
Of course you know, that’s why you keep doing the same thing over and over again. CRUEL

Jessica, do you know that there are many Filipinos admiring you for showing your talent to the world and you’re actually giving hope to a lot of them? AWESOME

Pinoys are ever hopeful, been trying to prove the world how talented we are. But what do government officials/politicians do and show the world?

You be the judge!

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