Is Your Computer Infected with DNSChanger Malware?

What is DNSCharger Malware? This malware was used to direct unsuspecting users to rogue servers controlled by the cyber thieves, where they manipulated users web browsing activity and used it for ad hijacking, allowing them to make millions of dollars in illicit fees.

The FBI obtained a court order and worked with a non-profit to set up temporary clean DNS servers for victims affected by the DNSCharger Malware that was after announcing criminal indictments and seizing the rogue servers last November. However, says Supervisory Special Agent Thomas Grasso of our Cyber Division,

On July 9 (US TIME), were going to be turning off those servers. We’ve been using the last eight months to go out and clean up the infected computers, but we don’t have everybody. Grasso says he hopes that people follow our recommendations to: one, determine if they’re affected by this; and then two, fix the problem. For more information, visit “”

Click here to check for the authenticity of this information

How your Computer should look like if it’s NOT afftected with the DNS Malware. The background should look RED is yours is AFFECTED.


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