My class together with the other grade level were given a treat by a certain organization in a popular American fast food chain. They were given two packs of two piece chicken. He refused to accept the other one cause he claimed that he had food to eat in the food chain restaurant. True enough he brought out his packed lunch and ate everything in it. When I asked him if he already finished his food this is what he said “Kinain ko po ‘yung ipinabaon po sa akin ni mama, tapos po ‘yung bigay po nilang pagkain iuuwi ko po kay mama para po matikman n’ya.  

Another instance, a student from another section shared blessings by sharing food to students. Again, the very same child took the food given to him and instantly put it inside his bag. I asked him oh have you gotten a piece already? (pertaining to the food being shared) this is what he said: “Opo. Nakatago na po sa bag ko, ibibigay ko po kay mama.”

By the way this little boy wouldn’t report once or twice a week to school this school year just because there’s no food to eat for breakfast, for snack and lunch.

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