Dear Mister president, mayor and the likes

We, Filipinos, don’t deserve this flooding in our respective areas. 

Each month, we get to do what we’re supposed to do. We pay what’s due to government. Even though it hurts our pocket we have no choice but to provide what’s needed so the government can deliver what they’re supposed to deliver.

Now, what have you been doing MR government officials? How come you’re only good at PUTTING up your name on big tarps, plastics and other stuff that would make others know you.

Why don’t you make projects that would make people talk about you. Projects that would really benefit people!

Can you please use the money of the people properly? 

Can you give us what we deserve?

Now, we’re in the midst of a challenge and the government will let you have OUR money, CAN YOU PLEASE USE THE MONEY properly?!?!??—– > Commission on Audit can you ensure that these people will use the money PROPERLY? Each cent should be checked and let us know how they used the money.

Please realize that the people who are affected no longer have enough food to eat, lost their appliances, clothing, money and this is a trauma for them.

Also, KINDLY USE the money to resolve the problem that will last a lifetime. Mister president, can you also talk to the DPWH, Local Government and not just the poor weatherman? I do appreciate your discussion with PAGASA to provide accurate information about our weather. Now, we need you to tell the people in the government as to why they can’t fix the road that would last. Why the drainage system is very poor? Why can’t they have a back up plan each time their initial plan fails? We can’t just be bragging all the time, we also need some solution that will really be beneficial to people. The process is surely not an instant thing but at least let us know how this should be resolved and how long the resolution would be.

Please tell people not to throw their trash anywhere they want. Please implement the law! If you want the people to follow, show people that you mean it. Eh sabi n’yo bawal magsigarilyo pero kayo mismo panalo magsigarilyo!

People let’s help each other. Stop posting in the social network about coincidences that would put the people affected down. 

Let’s pray for each other. Let’s all be strong.



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