Halo Halo World features Mano Amiga Academy’s alphabet book

Halo Halo World features Mano Amiga Academy’s alphabet book! 

Mano Amiga Academy students came up with an alphabet book suited for Filipino students. They drew and colored pictures which we can say proudly Pinoy. Here’s an example taken from the digital book.


If you hover over the picture you will see the syllabication of the word and its English translation. When you click the picture, you will hear the recorded pronunciation of the word. This is perfect for those who are studying the Filipino language and who are starting to read.

The website was born a month ago and I can see the desire of the owner to feature Filipino authors and promote Patriotism. What I like about this website is that it is available for everyone to consume! It is for Free! Also, it comes handy. It can be viewed using your mobile phone, iPad or any tablet.

The website has featured some good to read books such as: What’s that?!, Mga Pintong Pangarap, and the Five Chickens who dreamed of flying. I can’t wait till this website becomes a sought after website for those who are into reading and starters.

Give it a try! Check out Mano Amiga Academy Alphabet book!

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